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Public Agency Organization

As a recognized leader in public agency law, we are knowledgeable in all aspects of the organization and reorganization of public agencies and municipalities.  Whether assistance is needed with annexations, incorporations, assessment districts, special districts, changing from a general law city to a charter city, or revising the manner of governance, our Firm has wide-ranging and in-depth expertise and can help. 

Our experienced attorneys have worked with the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) established in many counties.  In addition, because of our expertise in municipal finance, we can help clients understand the financial implications of decisions affecting municipal organization, e.g., assessment districts, business improvement districts, and community facilities districts.

We have helped governmental agencies address issues through the legal authority created by the Joint Powers Agreement Law found in Government Code § 6500 et seq., and are general counsel to several such agencies.


  • Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) process
  • Sphere of Influence determination
  • Incorporation, annexation and governmental reorganization
  • Joint powers agreements
  • Special Districts generally
  • Assessment districts and business improvement districts
  • Community services districts
  • Community facilities districts
  • Water District Law
  • Changing from general law to charter city and drafting charters
  • Elections concerning Governmental Reorganization

Expertise in Action

From time to time the structure of political governance itself comes under examination, whether in the incorporation of a new municipality, the creation of a district with specialized authority, the separation or attachment of one area from one governmental agency to another or the creation of a new governmental entity through a compact amongst existing governments.

We have dealt with all these issues and authorities in every conceivable context and have created new governmental authorities in dozens of instances.  In no case has the agency, once established, had insufficient capacity to achieve its mission.  Moreover, there is often more than one way to achieve an objective and our expertise allows us to counsel our clients so they may consider the benefits of various alternative approaches.