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A&W Attorneys Secure Judgment Against Boarding House Operator

Aleshire & Wynder attorneys Tiffany Israel and Wes Miliband obtained a judgment on behalf of the City of Newport Beach precluding the owner of several homes on a street zoned single-family residential from operating the homes as boarding houses.  The defendant had physically altered each home to convert each bedroom into a studio apartment and then leased each bedroom separately in violation of State and local law.

As seen in the February 11, 2011 Verdicts and Settlements section of the Daily Journal:

Another Landmark Opinion Upholding Local Rent Control

Aleshire & Wynder’s Rent Control and Mobilehome Park Law Team (including Partners Bill Wynder, Sunny Soltani, and Associate Jeff Malawy) participated in another “landmark” litigation defending the authority of local municipalities to adopt and enforce rent stabilization laws.  Acting as amicus on behalf of the League of California Cities and the California State Association of Counties, Attorneys Wynder, Soltani, and Malawy filed a brief defending the City of Goleta’s rent control ordinance and its largely-senior citizen mobilehome park residents.

A&W Attorneys Defeat Claim by Disappointed Developer

Aleshire & Wynder attorneys June Ailin and Lona Laymon averted a $1.1 million judgment against the San Fernando Redevelopment Agency by establishing that a developer was not entitled to damages related to unsuccessful negotiation of a disposition and development agreement. Wilshire Ventures Corp., et al. v. San Fernando Redevelopment Agency, Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC410145.

Victory for the City of Carson in Protecting Mobilehome Park Residents from Non-bona fide Conversions

Mobilehome park residents and local governments up and down the State of California scored a victory when the Court of Appeal issued its decision in Carson Harbor Village, Ltd. v. City of Carson, 2nd Appellate District Case No. B211777, on March 30, 2010. Thanks to the efforts of Aleshire & Wynder partners William Wynder and Sunny Soltani, and associate Jeff Malawy, the decision is the first Court of Appeal decision ever to hold that a city has both the discretion and the authority to deny a mobilehome park conversion if it determines the conversion is not bona fide

Land Use Victory for Bellflower

Partner June Ailin scored a significant land use victory for the City of Bellflower when the Second District Court of Appeal reversed a lower court judgment on October 19, 2009.

In an unpublished opinion in the case of Triumph Transport, Inc. v. City of Bellflower, 2nd Civil Case No. B209586, the Court of Appeal concluded a moratorium on trucking yards in the city’s light industrial zone was applicable to a trucking use for which a business license and zoning clearance were sought several weeks before the moratorium went into effect.

A&W Successfully Defends City's Firing of Police Officer

Attorneys Glen Tucker and Pam Lee defend City of Inglewood

The Court of Appeal recently upheld the City of Inglewood’s termination of a police officer who claimed to have improper notice of an interrogation hearing.  The interrogation confirmed that the officer, Richard Correa, had on-duty sex with a prostitute.  The case is Correa v. City of Inglewood, et al. (2008) 2nd Appellate District, Division One, Case No. B204205.


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