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A&W Donates Chromebooks to Disadvantaged Children for Distance Learning

Aleshire and Wynder, LLP, donated (50) Chromebooks to the City of Carson for the purpose of helping disadvantaged children have access to computers from home due to the pandemic. As the pandemic continues to sweep across our country, many children are unable to return back to on-site schooling this year. Distance learning can be difficult for some families and communities where internet access and access to home computers or other resources are minimal. Our children can easily fall behind in their education. Communities most impacted by these challenges are the less affluent. When a family is working from home and schooling from home, the ability to share resources in a household can slow the education process even further. Aleshire and Wynder is proud to provide these Chromebooks to students in these homes so they can continue to receive good education and not fall behind. Education is a key component of a respectable and just society and we are doing our small part to make it happen. Thanks to the City Attorney of Carson, Sunny Soltani and the entire Aleshire and Wynder family, we are making that ability a reality for those families most impacted.