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Adrian Guerra & Robert Khuu Appointed City Attorneys for the City of Grand Terrace

We are pleased to announce that our partner, Adrian Guerra, has been appointed City Attorney for the City of Grand Terrace, and our associate, Robert Khuu, has been appointed as Assistant City Attorney.  Known as the “Blue Mountain City,” Grand Terrace is located in the southern portion of San Bernardino County and nestled between two mountain ranges: the Blue Mountain to the east and the La Loma Hills to the west.

Originally, the area was simply referred to as “The Terrace.” The word “Grand” was added around 1898 due to the beautiful views surrounding the area.

The city’s roots go back to Mexican land grants dating between 1803 and 1840. Shortly after, Mormon settlers found their home there during the 1850’s with Seventh-day Adventists settlers coming in 1905. Grand Terrace’s development came into reality with the construction of the Gage Canal, which brought water from the Santa Ana River marshlands. As a result, Grand Terrace became an agricultural community that primarily grew citrus and, after the “freeze” of 1913, walnuts and peaches.

In 1962, the Grand Terrace Chamber of Commerce was organized. From the very beginning, the Chamber was interested in preserving the local identity of the area, and therefore, was a strong supporter of cityhood. This group did much of the groundwork, which led to the formation of a local governing body in 1976, which was called the Municipal Advisory Council. After nearly two years of meetings and negotiations with the County, the residents went to the polls to decide the issue of cityhood. The response was an 82% vote for incorporation. On November 30, 1978, Grand Terrace officially became the 16th city in San Bernardino County.

Today, Grand Terrace boasts a safe and vibrant community of approximately 12,500 residents. “We are humbled and excited about the prospects of representing such a wonderful community,” noted Adrian Guerra. “We are committed to serving the Grand Terrace community by providing reliable, cost-effective and excellent legal services,” said Robert Khuu.